Hail Damage? We Can Help! Learn More About Our Emergency Storm Services Or Call Today To Get Relief.

Hail Damage? We Can Help! Learn More About Our Emergency Storm Services Or Call Today To Get Relief.

Protect Your Farm From The Elements

Get A Quality Roof For Your Pole Barn

A pole barn roof is unique and requires a professional contractor with experience. They are made from a series of poles that run across the entire building length, with one end in contact with the ground and the other in contact with the ridge beam. The ridge beam is typically raised off the ground at least 8 feet, which creates an air gap that allows for water drainage.

It's important to ensure your pole barn has a solid roof because this helps prevent leaks and damage caused by rain, snow, and ice. It also prevents pests from entering through small holes or cracks in the roofing material. This can be especially important if you use your pole barn as storage space, or as a space for livestock.

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Best Roofing System For Your Pole Barn

A metal roofing system is one of the most popular roofing styles for pole barns—and for good reason! They're lightweight, last long, and easy to maintain. There are many reasons you should consider installing a metal roof on your barn.

  • Durable

    Metal roofs are stronger than traditional roofing materials, making them more resistant to wind, storms, hail, and heat.

  • Long-lasting

    Metal roofs last longer than asphalt shingles, making it a cost-effective choice.

  • Energy-efficient

    Metal reflects the sun's radiant heat, making it an ideal energy-efficient building material.

  • Environmentally-friendly

    Metal is 100% recyclable, making it an environmentally-friendly option with many uses.

When It Comes To Your Barn's Roof, We've Got You Covered!

We Can Handle Your New Or Existing Pole Barn

Protecting your livelihood from the elements should be a top priority for a farmer or rancher. A good roofing system can make all the difference in the safety of your agricultural buildings.

At Excel Renovation, we understand that you work hard to keep your farm running smoothly and efficiently, so we are here to help you achieve a lasting roofing solution for your pole barns. Our roofing experts will work with you to determine the best roofing materials for each structure and help you determine how to best implement them for maximum efficiency and longevity. Whether you need a new pole barn roof installed, or you need an existing one repaired, we can help!

Why Trust Excel Renovation With Your Roofing Needs?

Building Quality Roofing Systems For Pole Barns

Our team has decades of experience in the roofing industry, so you can trust that your roof will be installed correctly the first time. We work closely with each customer throughout the process to ensure they are satisfied with the result. You will also be amazed at how quickly we can complete your project!

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